Dating when youre septated nick zano still dating

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It’s low down, in the middle of your pelvis, above and behind your bladder.

As oestrogen increases every month, the lining of the uterus thickens, to get ready to nourish the fertilised egg.

Sometimes, the uterus develops into an unusual shape, called a “uterine abnormality”, or “abnormality of the uterus”.

Since then I have not gotten pregnant (that I know of). Thank you I had a miscarriage August 1st of 2012 followed by an MRI, saline catheter injection ultrasound and and subsequent hysteroscopy/laparoscopy to remove a large uterine septum that isolated half of my uterus and made it unusable. Even so the anwer is a bit late, I want to share my story for ladies out there who will be looking for a similar answer.9 years ago when I was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus.I have moved around and thus went to new gyn's. I just started seeing an RE and she found that I have a uterine septum a.k.a. She said that because in my case it is almost like a web (webbed foot) situation which has hindered me from getting pregnant.It is not known and cannot be proved that the septum wall was the cause for the m/c.However I had it removed with hysteroscopy under general anasthetic.

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